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You tell me I’m too young
That at 18, I should be bursting with life and excited for every new day.
So tell me why when I wake up
it feels like a boulder is sitting on my chest
why do my eyes sag with the weight of one more sleepless night
why does the world seem dark and grey
why every new face is one I don’t want to look at
why my heart beats a thousand miles over a simple ‘Hello’?
I’m too young to be so sad
I’m too young to worry
I’m too young to care so much.
Then why does my head hang heavy with every thought
why do I think things 40 times just to be sure it’s right
why do I say what I want to say a million times in my head
JUST to be sure it’s correct?
Why do I care so fucking much?
If I’m too young to feel these things
then explain why I do.
I need an answer
I need to know why the world puts this burden on my chest
in my head
if I’m too fucking young to feel it.
A.E.M  (via spoopyzombieslayerswagg)

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The thing with anxiety is like, as soon as you start talking to someone you’re full of, “did I annoy them?” “Why didn’t they answer? Did they change their mind about me?” “One word reply, they must not want to talk.”
When in reality they’re probably just busy or don’t have their phone but anxiety MAKES it about you. That you aren’t good. That you aren’t enough.

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can't wait to go out tonight with friends!
you're going to fuck up.
no I'm not.
they don't even like you.
but I'll meet new people
doesn't matter you can't even say hi to them you're too nervous.
shut up!
you know I'm right.
*picks up phone* I can't go, family's coming over.